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How To Create Your Own Blog For Free

Hello guys, Today we will gonna discuss about How To Create Your Own Blog For Free. Before we discuss, make sure that you have read this article about  How To Start A Blog. Blog is like your media where you can put your sadness, happiness or your life problems. Or maybe you can inspire people by give a motivation or a good idea. Write a blog not as hard as you think. The requirement is simple due to you don't use a Badwords , SARA, Cyberbullying . Your blog must be a positive blog that inspire people or  minimum one is can be read.

The blog must be a quality content blog. To get a quality content blog, I hope this article can help you How to create a quality content blog. Like I have said in my article last month that The blog must be original and not copied blog. Maybe some blogger feel like don't care to much to the people that copy his blog. But please to make your own blog and try to make an unique blog. so people can appreciate your blog.

Okay, To Start create your own bl…

List Of The Country That You Have To Visit This year

List Of The country That You Have To Visit Today I want to discuss about the country in the world that you have to visit before you die. Many icon from every country that make them become unique. The things that make differentiate between one country and another country is the icon. A lot of people interest with the icon than the place that make the people always want to take a picture.The icon is the place for people who like photo especially photographer.
Many List Of The country That You Have To Visit before you die. But I will discuss the best of the best And I will tell you The Most Popular places And Many People Go there. Okay, don't take a much longer let me tell you the List Of The country That You Have To Visit before you die. 1. France
France is the most romantic places that you have to visit with your love one.The Most Famous city is Paris. Paris  have the iconic that make Paris become unique. It's call Eiffel tower. Eiffel towel built on January 28,1887. Paris als…

5 Ways To Increase Productivity At Work

5 Ways To Increase Productivity At Work      The day that we feel bored and don't want to do anything, and always delay our work. Maybe a school homework or university essay. because of we are lazy to do anything ,we delay the work and  caused the work never get done. Then cause we  get grounded by the teacher. Finally, The Teacher give us more homework as our punishment, and then we also did the same thing and get punishment.
    To learn how to be more responsible, we must did our homework oftenly and don't make the teacher feel angry as the same thing as responsible in your family. When your parents ask you to do something  did it quickly and don't let it get delayed. Do as fast as you can . Because in my case,  I always delay what my parents always ask me and I forget. Then my parents get angry to me.

 So if you want to me more responsible don't delay your work. Make it as fast as you can before your teacher and your parents get mad. Because that  may caused …

Tips To Get Your Room Organized Comfortably

Tips To Get Your Room Organized Comfortably    In this article, I want to tell you about organizing tips for you room. Every wake up morning we always forget to tidy up the room and caused our room look messy. carelessly, we always put our things everywhere and we forget to put it back to the right place. Probably some people did it but some people don't want to care about what does the room look like and don't want to organize it.

  When organizing your room, you may ask your mom for helping you organizing the room. Before you organize make sure you have thrown the things that is already no needed, like tissues, wrote paper, and etc. To organize the room you need a lot of times and make sure that you Don't have any  activity like school or tutoring activity.

To start organizing your room, you have to clean up your room first. You can clean the table, sweeping the floor and mopping the floor. After the room was clean, you can remove all the stuff from your drawer and yo…

5 Trip To Travel For Vacation Spots

5 Trip To Travel For Vacation Spots    What places should I go for vacation? Where is the interesting places for vacation? What is the best spot for vacation?  This question is always been asked when people want to go for vacation. They don't know and don't have a plan to go for vacation. They are feel confused and always asking.

 Many of interesting places that we have to visit when we are having a vacation. Usually,We have Vacation on a holiday. When holiday people always use their time to go vacation and having a lot fun, But some people stay at home. To the People who spend their time at home,On holiday we have to do is helping your parents, tidy up your bedroom and many else that you have to do.

To some people, Holiday can be a good time to To be more productive. Because on a holiday we have a much time to do something that we like. Holiday can also be the effective ways To Get Ideas. When a holiday, we also have a much time to refreshing our brain.

lets discuss our ma…

Easy Ways To Cook a Salmon Recipes

Easy Ways To Cook a Salmon Recipes
  This food is the good food ever. The food that i always be waiting to let you guys know. There has many ways to cook a salmon but this tutorial will tell you the ways to cook a salmon. Salmon is also high protein food as same as Egg. This food always been served in the restaurant. Salmon also good for your brain because in the salmon contain omega-3.

  To cook a salmon you must be careful , because salmon has many thorns in there. Before you cook you must remove the thorns use a knife. Salmon can also be cook by grilled, you must remove the thorns first before you start to cook.Many easy ways to cook salmon but in this tutorial , i want to tell you about the ways to cook salmon , fried salmon.
Salmon not only delicious but also rich in protein and omega-3. Salmon meat is red.To cook a salmon we must be careful.

1. Remove the thorns  First, you must remove the thorns. To remove the throns you must you a knife. Slide the knife to opposite the thro…

5 ways to get ideas for best blog topics

Many kinds of ways that we have to do to get an idea, to start writing a Blog we need an idea. There are also many idea that we can get from the environment. The idea you can also get from yourself, and your experience in your life. Idea you can also get from other people, like your parents need help about "update the operating system on gadget" , Example. You can get idea from there.

  Ideas is something that you get from the environment to do a thing. When you're out of idea and you're a blogger, I have many ways to tell you. One of them,To get idea we can't force ourself, let it appear by itself. To get the Quality web content idea you need to be patient. if you force it, its gonna be bad for you and your blog.

  As a beginner we often out of ideas, to start writing as a beginner we need to be more patient to get an idea. Maybe you can write twice a week, or maybe you can write more than twice a week. To get idea you have to refresh yourself, you can go to t…

How to Write a personal Blog post as a new blogger

Many kind of media that you can use to make a blog. People can fill their blog with many content,
people also can start promotion their business in the blog. And the competition from another blog is hard if your content is not in a A good quality content.You can start to make a good quality content and not the quantity. Many beginners like me that just begin to write a blog still don't know how to write a blog and where to start it.

  The famous brand like the business interests always use a website to promote their brand and property to get a value. Usually, they always play with seo and their seo usually on the first rank. The business people also have a competition with another famous brand. So we can't say that if we start a business on the website that is easy. It's not as easy as you think but if you choose to be hardworking , use strategy and seriously on promote your business it's much easier.

What is blog?

Blog is the media that you can inspiring another peopl…

Quality web content in writing a blog

The quality content of blog was depend on the people who write the blog.So many ways to make a quality web content not only quantity but also quality. No people knows that the blog  who has  many content and important in quantity are copy by the another blog.Some people like to copy another people blog because they are lazy to think. They are lazy to make a quality web content for their blog. So many ways to make a quality web content without copying another blog. 

To be in the first of seo or seach engine, you must make a quality content. Therefore you can lead the first rank of the seach engine or Seo. To be in the first search engine seo your must contains a quality content that people can unserstand.Don't make a pornography content,SARA and as much as you can make a content that is interesting to the people.

People like to search many things in google, to know how many keyword that people search, you can start to use google adwords. In google adwords there was keyword planner to…

What should i do to become a romantic person

Romantic is a pleasure of love that we get from our loves one. We don't need to be everytime romantic, we need to be romantic on a love situation. Like valentine day,dinner,etc.Okay now ,i want to tell you what to do to become Romantic.see down below:

1. Give a special gift for your loves one
Give  something that she loves. And please try to make her feel suprise.Many simple thing that you can give for her like  flower, necklaces,chocolate,clothes and etc. Don't need to be overdo.
2. Try to make her feel comfortable while on dating
While on dating, don't make her feel awkward. You can try to talk a simple thing, like why are you so  beautiful today? Avoid give many question that complicated.

3. Always remember the day you date her

Because of you remember the day you date her, she feel like you give attention more to her. In the deep of a girl heart they needed.
4. Make a suprise on a valentine day

Make it as beautiful as possible and therein express your true feelings.Do…

what will happen when you're falling in love?

Hi guys, so today i want to discuss about the question that always happen in our life when we are falling in love. Before we discuss this question, we must know first. What have made us falling in love? Many possibility right? that made us falling in love. Okay, for me. when you're falling in love  you will get the positive and the negative things. Maybe you're falling in love because she is dilligent? The affect to you is of course you will try to be more dilligent.But what's the negative one? Okay lets discuss it.

The positive side

The first thing that will happen when you are falling in love, you will try to be more discipline. Probaby this is not always happen to all the people. But when we are falling in love,We always try to look good in front of the person we like. Is it true? Actually this is not happen to all the people. In my experience, when i was falling in love. I always try to look good but not hypocritical. It is mean i always take a bath often, i always sav…

How to move on from the person you like

Love is something terrible when you're not been accepted by your loves one. And you have to move on to forget about him/her. I know move on is hard, to move on we have to forget about everything about her and never come back in front of her face.But something in our mind always expect for the useless dream and that'll never happen.

I want to tell you about move on from the person you like. I have Some requirements that you have to do if you want to move on.

1. Stop stalking his social media
If you want to move on, you Should not stalk his social media. Because with you stalk his social media that can make you always think about him/her. You can start to unfollow his social media.

2. Don't hope too much
If she doesn't like you can stay away from him/her. Who knows with you stay away from him/her, he/she will find you.

3.Do your hobby
To forget about  him/her, you can start to do your hobby. This can help you to forget about him/her. In this way you don't have a time…

Life is only a seconds

Today i want to discuss about our life. This is serious,many people died within seconds.We don't know when it's our's like a dream and many sad news that we heard from our family or relatives maybe one of our family or relatives pass away. God create us so god has the a right over us. Okay don't be to long let's discuss our topic about our life.

1. Born
At this stage, You just a newbie in this world. You don't know about life. You are still plain and don't know about a good life and a bad life.
2. Kids
Next, you are still plain. One thing that you know is only demanding things that you like without thinking ahead.

Next, you will grow into adulthood. Now you aren't think about your body health.You just thinking  about modern life. Easy to get affected by negative association.Now you are thinking about passion and what will you be  in the next.
4. Adult

Now, you're already a mature. You can  already differentiate between which is impo…

5 signs she is the one for you

hi, so today i want to tell you the signs of the girl that's good for you. I knew every girls are beautiful. But unfortunately, some of the men like the girl not of their beauty.I didn't said that beauty is not important that is important too but not the main. I didn't said all of the men but some of the men.And I will tell you, what is the typical of the girl that's good for you. for me, the girls are good if:

1. She's merciful

First, good girl always take care of their children even they are busy or badmood . If they are merciful, it means she is also understanding. not selfish. If they're selfish stand over from her. She  always know the best way to take care of their children. 

2. She always care 

Next, not only respect of you but also respect to your parents. the good girl is always respect your parents and don't let you been alone. She always keep you still happy and not lonenly. She always understand you and  all your problems.
3. She's smart

Habits while on vacation

Vacation  identic with a new place. Where we spend our time to make ourself happy, many similar things that all people do on a vacation that  have already been a habits. Okay right now , i want to tell you habits while on vacation.
First, while on vacation . People always do their morning routine in the villa or hotel.

Maybe, on vacation they stayed in the villa and hotel. Probably people do their morning routine in the villa or hotel like they always do swim in the morning.After they burn many calories in the swimming pool. Next, people back to villa and they will go to The villa or hotel  restaurant. Maybe, after burning many calories people need to eat because they are feeling hungry. Usually,the foods are free.

After ate many foods, people always used to go to tourism destination. The tourism destination may be zoo, may be beach, may be educational object or may be entertainment object. 

After a long trip, people usually Go to hotel and Start to sleep. Tommorow morning people…

How to cook an egg

have  you ever eat egg? Egg is the food that rich in protein.This protein food is so delicious. Protein in egg doesn't lose with protein in the Salmon .So many kind of way to cook an egg. Start from boiled egg,fried egg,scrambled egg and omelette egg. Egg also can be the artenative way  to get more supply protein. Everyday people certainty eat egg.

Egg is the food that we need it everyday, like cook fried rice we need egg and baked the bread also need egg. Everyday egg is like a staple food. Let me disscuss the ways to cook an egg.

1. Boiled egg
Boiled egg is also delicious doesn't lose with fried egg. Boiled egg is cooked by the water.
Fill the saucepan with the waterWater heat Put the egg softly into the panSet a timer, actually 9 minutes is enoughWhen the timer goes off,drain itCrack and add soy ketchup Don't forget to enjoy it
2. Fried egg This is the way how to cook fried egg
Prepare a pan  Heat olive oil in a small heat   Crack the egg and season with salt and pepper�…

The fact about chocolate

Please tell me, who doesn't like chocolate? Who doesn't like this sweat food? Many people think that chocolate can make us become fat and Let me tell you the fact about chocolate.

First , what does the chocolate made from? Of course chocolate was made from the cacao .what is cacao? Cacao was a seeds and cacao was a fruit tree that has been planted by the cacao farmer. Every cacao tree produces 2500 cacao beans.cacao was a fruit. How can? Cacao was process by  roasted And ground. And then the cacao seeds must be fermented to get a better taste. Then  the cacao will be clean and dried. then  The cacao  must be process  by the machine.
What is chocolate? Chocolate is the sweet food that made from the cacao. Chocolate can also be the good friend to increase your stamina, because chocolate contain caffein. Chocolate also can be your best friend to help you to Get you mood back. People mainly know brown chocolate and there is many kind of chocolate. 3 kind of chocolate dark chocola…

What to do on a holiday?

What to do on a Holiday?

Holiday is a good day, where people refresh  themself. Probably from their work, school and their daily routine. People have their holiday every sunday and people have their long holiday every year.
Every year the student hold the final test to up one grade then they have their school holiday. Usually the holiday depend on the teacher. Sometimes the teacher gave 1month holiday or less than 1 month. We also have our holiday on the christmas , chinese new year , ramadhan , etc.

Usually, when it's come to holiday. Some people spend their time to hangout with family, some people spend their time at home then feel bored or some people spend their time to watch a tv and play video games one full day.

Okay now, what to do on a holiday?

1. Do something creative

        Writing    Start writing a blog or a book to express yourself. Write a book or blog also can help you refresh you from many problems. If you don't know How to start  a blog you can start to learn…