5 Trip To Travel For Vacation Spots

  5 Trip To Travel For Vacation Spots

   What places should I go for vacation? Where is the interesting places for vacation? What is the best spot for vacation?  This question is always been asked when people want to go for vacation. They don't know and don't have a plan to go for vacation. They are feel confused and always asking.

 Many of interesting places that we have to visit when we are having a vacation. Usually,We have Vacation on a holiday. When holiday people always use their time to go vacation and having a lot fun, But some people stay at home. To the People who spend their time at home,On holiday we have to do is helping your parents, tidy up your bedroom and many else that you have to do.

To some people, Holiday can be a good time to To be more productive. Because on a holiday we have a much time to do something that we like. Holiday can also be the effective ways To Get Ideas. When a holiday, we also have a much time to refreshing our brain.

lets discuss our main topic. The topic about 5 Trip To Travel For vacation Spots. Many vacation spots that we have to visit, But the Best vacation spots will be discuss in here.

And now I want to tell you the five vacation spots that you have to visit for vacation. This is the five vacation spots :

1.  Beach

On the beach, we can play many. We can play a water games like Banana Boat, Flying Board,Rolling Donut, Snorking, Sea Walker, Parasailing, Water ski, Jet ski and many else. you can also build a sand Castle or build a Mermaid castle. There is also a beach volleyball court, If your hobby is sport , you can try to play in there.

For adult, You can rent a seats. Enjoy your coconut and Enjoy the view. Don't forget to look for your kids. Don't let your kids go far away  from you. Always be careful and enjoy your vacation on the beach. 

2. Animal Zoo

lets your kids know about The kind of Animal. Go to the Animal Zoo to get education about the Animal, So your kids will know and recognize what is the Dangerous Animal and Wild animal, Extinct Animal , Almost Extinct Animal and kind of The bird maybe. Therefore your kids know the good way to keep The animal safe and not extinct.

In the zoo, there is also have a baby animal. Probably you can touch it or feed it.  The baby Animal is so cute and the baby animal will not bite. Certainly, your kids will feel at home.

3. Park

In the park, we can play many outdoor games. I means park is like the playing place. Outdor games like roller coaster, playing with a big wheel, etc. In the park you can also eat food in the food court when you are felling tired. I think park is the best place to go with friends and family.

4. Flower Garden

In the flower garden, You can see many kinds of flower. To you who like to take a picture , this a best moment. By the way this is also the good place for photographer. Many kind of flower that you can see start from Rose, Lily, Orchid,etc. But don't break the flower.

Orchid word remind me on a singapore orchid park. By the way park isn't only a playground but there is also a flower park. 

5. Farm

Do you like go to farm? Farm is the best place for you who want learn to plant. Or maybe you want to learn about producing a milk, You want to see the process. From the cow? Or maybe you want to see a big farm like rice farm, Apple farm, Tea farm or Durian farm. Many educational place in the farm and make it become your knowledge.

So, there is the 5 Trip To Travel For Vacation Spots and that's all the best place to go for vacation.If you guys want to recommend the best place for vacation write in a comment below and don't forget to do good and subcribe. If my article is good, don't forget to share to your social media and give +1.
Thank you.


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