5 Ways To Increase Productivity At Work

     5 Ways To Increase Productivity At Work  

   The day that we feel bored and don't want to do anything, and always delay our work. Maybe a school homework or university essay. because of we are lazy to do anything ,we delay the work and  caused the work never get done. Then cause we  get grounded by the teacher. Finally, The Teacher give us more homework as our punishment, and then we also did the same thing and get punishment.

    To learn how to be more responsible, we must did our homework oftenly and don't make the teacher feel angry as the same thing as responsible in your family. When your parents ask you to do something  did it quickly and don't let it get delayed. Do as fast as you can . Because in my case,  I always delay what my parents always ask me and I forget. Then my parents get angry to me.

 So if you want to me more responsible don't delay your work. Make it as fast as you can before your teacher and your parents get mad. Because that  may caused you to be grounded. In some case, The parents always punish their child with one week may not use a gadget or one week can't play a video games. Do you want to be like that? so don't delay your work.

Why does the parents or the teacher will punish the child?

Maybe when the children delayed the homework or the parents command, then after The Children have a test. Even though the parents already ask the children  to study and not to play a gadget , then the children  delayed it and forgot about what does the parents ask them, finally the test score is red and the parents get angry and punish their children like i said just now.

The Teacher, this is always happen when the teacher ask the children to do the homework and the children don't  to do their  homework, finally when the deadline is coming  the teacher ask the children to submit their homework and the children have not done their homework and the teacher punish the children by asking the children to do more homework. 

How To Increase Productivity At Work

    Productive is the spirit of working that make you always want to produce as much as you can to get a better result. But sometimes we can also lost our productivity. Because we are a human and we can also get bored.

when you are lost your productivity, what must you do? here I have
3 Ways To Increase Productivity At Work

1. Don't be lazy

 Sometimes we always get lazy, get lazy to take a bed while Holiday. We always lazy to take a bath even we are lazy to wake up. we often play with our gadget and don't want to know about ourselves  and always play with social media. I don't prohibit you to play a social media, but what's wrong if we take a bath first and then we play with our social media.

I means you don't have to stop playing with social media and don't be a outdated people.You can watch what viral in social media and you can also be up to date people. But one thing you may not be lazy.


Watch the Deadline, To be more productive we must already done with the work before the deadline is coming. This can help you to be more productive because if you finished it before deadline, you can do another work without been disturb by unfinished work.

Deadline can help you to be more productive. Because of deadline, you are force to be more discipline. Therefore Deadline can help you to be more productive.

3. Stop delaying your work

Like I said in number 2, Before we meet deadline we must done with the work.  To help you to finished before deadline, you should stop delaying your work because time is always running. Delaying your work can make you forgot about your work . So, stop delaying your work.

You can learn from a simple things, like your mom ask you to take a bath. Go fast and don't delay it.
that simple thing can help you to be more discipline and always on time. like your teacher ask you to do a homework, you should finished it before deadline. because, That also can help you to be more discipline.

Realize it  or not , actually we are  trained to be more productive when we were a child. But we always used to be lazy and want to delay the work. More good if we have done the work before we play. 

4. Refresh your brain

Working to hard make your brain always thinking. Refresh your brain to Get idea, Refresh your brain can be 2 days or 3 days after that go to chase deadline. Always remember, Don't take a much times to refresh your brain. Because you should go before Deadline.

The ways to refresh your brain can be: 

  1.  Do your hobby
  2.  Do sport
  3.  Listen to music
  4.  Chatting with your girlfriend. If you don't have a girl friend and you need to move on  come to my website and then click about love. Just kidding

5. Set a Target

If you used to do 100 work in one month. Next month, you should do 105 example. This also can help you to be increase your productivity.  Set a target can also be a day or a week, that's up to you. The important thing is you should set a target. 

Don't be lazy guys and don't delay your work. Hopefully my article can help you, don't forget to subcribe and share 


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