How to Write a personal Blog post as a new blogger

Many kind of media that you can use to make a blog. People can fill their blog with many content,
people also can start promotion their business in the blog. And the competition from another blog is hard if your content is not in a A good quality content.You can start to make a good quality content and not the quantity. Many beginners like me that just begin to write a blog still don't know how to write a blog and where to start it.

  The famous brand like the business interests always use a website to promote their brand and property to get a value. Usually, they always play with seo and their seo usually on the first rank. The business people also have a competition with another famous brand. So we can't say that if we start a business on the website that is easy. It's not as easy as you think but if you choose to be hardworking , use strategy and seriously on promote your business it's much easier.

What is blog?

Blog is the media that you can inspiring another people by writing freely and to promote your business. Blog can also be use as a hobby, Depend on the author. Many kinds of blog that is a Quality blog and unique. That's happened because they have a good ideas to write a content.

To Start a blog we need many step that we have to know. And we need many requirements to be in cooperation with google. Generally call google adsense, google adsense has many ads that you can put on your blog. With google adsense you can earn more much money by ads in your blog. The money you earn is depend on how many people have click your blog.

To write a blog we must to pay attention with our content that we made and keep good and don't make an offensive content,

How to write a personal blog post as a new blogger?

As a new blogger, the first thing that you have to do is to be brave to write content and publish it. Good or not that can be fix. The important thing is to be brave. Brave to write a blog can you get from write your daily activity towards tutorial.To write a personal blog, that can be many ways to write a personal blog as a new blogger,let's see it guys.

1. Start to write 

The first thing that you have to do is to start writing. You can write anything that you like or your daily activity. Everyday you can write and  read again your blog repeatedly. And find what thing that you have to improve. If you thought that your blog was already good , go  find another blog that is better than your blog. You can start to learn from that blog and start to fix your blog.

The blog you write must be on a Good content. And make sure you are writing in a good condition and don't harm any people. Avoid to write offensive content, you can write a content that entertain people and inspire people.

2. Make a design

Design  on your blog is also important. Interesting design can make your blog look more beautiful.
Good design can make people feel enjoy and happy to visit your blog. A good design with a good form can also make your blog look neat and not messy.

blog is good and neat, people will know where to visit and don't feel confused. And people will be more comfortalbe to visit your blog.

3. Share your blog

When finished, don't forget to share your blog. This is also important because with you share your blog you can get more view. Google has already made google+. Google+ can help you to get more view and followers. To be attent by the people you have to make sure that your content is Interesting.

You can also share your blog to the social media. Like facebook, twitter, instagram and etc. Another way is to play with seo.

4. Tidy up your blog 

When you're finished all, the last thing is you have to tidy up your blog. This is the way to prepare your blog to be approved by adsense. Google adsense doesn't like a messy blog, and don't have a clear direction. So for you all if you want to be approved by adsense tidy up your blog. If your blog less of text and you can add more text. Fix what's missing.

That's all guys you can study a little bit from this article. Hope you guys can enjoy my article and if my article is good please share my article to your social media. And don't forget to subscribe my blog to get an update. 

Wait for another article guys, 


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