What should i do to become a romantic person

  Romantic is a pleasure of love that we get from our loves one. We don't need to be everytime romantic, we need to be romantic on a love situation. Like valentine day,dinner,etc.Okay now ,i want to tell you what to do to become Romantic.see down below:

1. Give a special gift for your loves one

Give  something that she loves. And please try to make her feel suprise.Many simple thing that you can give for her like  flower, necklaces,chocolate,clothes and etc. Don't need to be overdo.

2. Try to make her feel comfortable while on dating

While on dating, don't make her feel awkward. You can try to talk a simple thing, like why are you so 
beautiful today? Avoid give many question that complicated.

3. Always remember the day you date her

Because of you remember the day you date her, she feel like you give attention more to her. In the deep of a girl heart they needed.

4. Make a suprise on a valentine day

Make it as beautiful as possible and therein express your true feelings.Don't make her feel dissapointed. Give your best smile and don't forget to say "will you be my valentine".

I hope this article can be useful.
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